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Mortons Media Group is a long-established and highly respected independent publishing company. We currently produce between 25 and 30 bookazines a year and we are preparing to publish a range of books to accompany them. Both new and previously published authors are invited to submit their book ideas for this new selection of non-fiction titles. We are committed to producing quality publications on a range of topics – from railway, military and aviation history to consumer issues, hobbies, crime and politics.

Do you want to get your book published?

If so, we want to hear about it! Maybe you only have a title and some loose ideas in mind, or maybe you’ve already written your masterpiece and you are looking for a publisher. Get in touch with our team and your book could soon be on its way to shelves all over the world.

If you would like to submit your book for consideration, or to find out more, contact Publisher Steve O’Hara at

Eleanor Armstrong
01507 529780

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