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Book - The Alternative Kitchen Garden an A-Z - Emma Cooper


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In The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z, Emma Cooper introduces us to her diverse back garden of exotic food and sustainable gardening. With easily accessible A-Z information and beautiful colour photographs this is an entertaining and very useful guide for anyone wanting to grow their own.

"An indispensable compendium for a new generation of eco-conscious kitchen gardeners." Elspeth Thompson, The Sunday Telegraph gardening columnist

"An ideal companion for anyone getting dirt under their fingernails for the first time." Tracey Smith, writer / broadcaster on sustainable living, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas

"Emma’s style is light and friendly yet at the same time informative and based on personal experience... A dual purpose book - a concise and valuable practical guide, but at the same time a lovely little read for the deck chair or hammock!" Graham Burnett, permaculture teacher and author

"Emma Cooper is an unstoppable force, one of life’s positive people, and The Alternative Kitchen Garden sets out her inspiring personal vision of how to grow your own." Emma Townshend, Independent on Sunday gardening columnist

"Hallelujah - a kitchen garden handbook for the genuine newbie. Instead of dry facts and statistics, here you have a description of the life and soul of a garden." Corrina Gordon-Barnes, award-winning writer of The World Needs Your Passion web site

"The Alternative Kitchen Garden is not just an A-Z, it is an inspirational tour of an edible garden that can be recreated in the smallest of backyards. An essential guide for a new generation of gardeners who are keen to join the kitchen garden revolution." Karen Cannard, blogger and author of The Rubbish Diet

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Paperback: 378 page full colour, perfect bound book.
Author: Emma Cooper
Publisher: Permanent Publications