Junkers JU 52

By Kev Darling

When the late Richard Burton finally reveals the traitor at the end of 'Where Eagles Dare' the gallant escapees continue their journey aboard a captured Junkers Ju52. While the great Burton is no longer with us his ride home still is. Although the Junkers Tri-motor would never achieve the fame and widespread use as its American counterpart, The Douglas C-47 Skytrain, it would still carve its niche in the annals of history. Starting life as a single engined machine it quickly added another pair of engines to its corrugated frame at the behest of the German airline DLH. The emergent Luftwaffe would soon latch onto the type using it as a bomber, albeit disguised as a transport, and despatching it to Spain where it was by the Legion Condor.aving performed well in Spain the Ju 52 was then built in large numbers as a transport for Germany's adventures across the world between 1939 to 1945. When the German regime finally collapsed in 1945 there was still a role for the Ju 52 to play, in both France and Spain production would continue with both countries using their aircraft for combat operations in Vietnam and Morocco respectively. And as for Burton's escape aircraft, it still resides in Switzerland while the actor can still be seen on the screen. Written by Kev Darling this latest Warpaint covers all versions of this rugged transport and is illustrated in colour by Richard J.Caruana.