The Blackness to Downfield tram route was withdrawn on 26 November 1955 and this left by the start of 1956 the Lochee to Reform Street, Ninewells/West Park to Maryfield routes still operating.
In this the third book in a series that will be featuring the wonderful views of David and John Clarke taken in the year 1956. I have, in a number of previous books, featured a large number from Davids collection, not so many from Johns. On 9th and 11th July, David and John visited Dundee and the collection of rare, evocative and unpublished views that follows are a record of their visit. I most sincerely thank David and John for access to their rare and wonderful collection of negatives and slides. Note, that all the views are in chronological order, with David and John, on the same day, miles apart.
On the night of 20th/21st October the last tram, car 25 ran, and such was the numbers of spectators that it did not reach High Street until 12:50am. Sadly, the Dundee trams were burned and reduced to scrap metal; a similar fate in May 1958 would befall Aberdeen’s trams.