"Commercial Classics is a showcase of preserved vehicles that have been brought back to life by their owners or their families and friends, to recreate a little bit of nostalgia from the past. What a colourful sight they make when they are taken out on road runs or displayed at vintage rallies up and down the country.

For this first issue of Commercial Classics we have brought together a collection of vehicles that are colloquially known as ‘eight-leggers’ - rigid eight-wheel vehicles in their various guises, a combination that is an increasing rarity on the modern roads of Britain. You may have seen one or two of these vehicles featured in the various commercial vehicle magazines, but never before have they been presented together in such an unrestricted fashion.

Put together by Heritage Commercials editor Charlie Waters, this new bookazine is packed full of great pictures from the cameras of the country’s leading lensmen, supported by interesting histories and personal recollections that any enthusiast will find engaging.