Silver Star of Porton Down

By Peter Cook, David J.N. Pennels and Chris Harris

The vehicles and operations of Silver Star from its unusual base at Porton Down on Salisbury Plain captured the interest of people far beyond the bus enthusiast circles. From the Bourne Valley villagers who rode the interesting buses to and from Salisbury to the troops who rode the many miles up and down the country on weekend leave in luxury coaches to the crews who manned the vehicles, all had memories made.

This book serves to record the operations, the vehicles operated and what subsequently happened to them after those operations came to an end in June 1963. The authors have unearthed an enormous amount of archive material, and the book is illustrated with more than 300 images, including many photographs that have not been seen before. For the reader already familiar with Silver Star, further memories will be evoked and for the reader who never knew the company and its unique vehicles – a fascinating read awaits.