A World of Rail - Author's summary
My co-author, Ian Peaty and I have been close friends for over 50 years. During that time we have accumulated an enormous amount of railway photographs and research with respect to our travels at home and abroad, both singularly and together with our families.Although Ian has had eight books published covering various aspects of railways and brewing, it seemed like the time was right to share those photographs together with the appropriate text and captions.This book has not been written around a mountain of technical data, but we believe contains a good balance of information to be of interest to both railway enthusiast and those of us who just enjoy 'riding the train'. After all, a railway is not just the locomotive, but includes everything that makes the railway 'tick'.We have travelled to many countries where the influence of the British railway pioneers is still to be found, as I am sure that many people who are not railway enthusiasts would not appreciate, but would be surprised and interested to know that fact. So, we hope we can offer a well thought out, well balanced book that will be of interest to a broad readership including both railway enthusiasts and those who just like travel and trains! To let others enjoy some of our unique photos of our railway experiences from around the world. And to hopefully kindle a lasting interest in railways for those of us who have, to date, just taken railways for granted. Railways are currently enjoying a renaissance and there are an increasing number of companies now offering a whole range of railway trips and holidays at both home and abroad. Long may it last!