West Somerset Railway Stock Book and Spotters Guide

Keith Smith

This is now the 7th edition of the West Somerset Railway Stockbook that Keith Smith has had the pleasure to compile, and all locomotives, coaching stock, goods wagons and other miscellaneous items resident on the railway, as at January 2016, are fully described. An effort has been made to present a reasonable up-to-date history and technical appraisal of all items in the collection wherever possible.With such a large operational railway, changes in the rolling stock register are frequent - new items arrive, while others depart, some are stored for overhaul, while others are restored to their former glory. Overall, the gains outweigh the losses, so for each edition of this publication my task has become just that little more involved. The efforts of the railway's staff - paid and volunteer alike - who restore and maintain the various items of rolling stock are very much in evidence, the standard achieved being a credit to their craftsmanship and enthusiasm.