Like so many youngsters in the 1950s and 1960s Alan Clarke was a keen railway enthusiast and spent a number of years out and about with his ABC Combined Volume and his camera at various rail related locations up and down the country.Living in the middle of the country enabled young Alan to visit a number of  British Railway's regions thereby gathering a wider range of locomotive numbers and types. Faithfully underlining them in his combine volume and when pocket money allowed taking pictures as he went along.These pictures form the basis for this reminiscence of years gone but not forgotten. The development of Alan's photographic skills unfolds before us in these evocative black and white images. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption. The photographs are arranged in sections, one for each trip, with an explanatory introduction to each. The quality hardback Silver Link Silk Editions are limited print runs and are not intended to be available for long, so grab them while you can!