This is the 49th volume in the Recollectios series and the second title published by Silver Link to celebrate the Talyllyn Railway. As with all the titles in the recollections series this volume is aimed at the general market as much as the enthusiast - designed for easy reading and enjoyment rather than a ‘rivet counting’ approach!Since 1951, when the railway was first taken over by preservationists, great improvements have been made; volunteer members of the TRPS now provide most of the train crew and station staff required to operate the line, and assist with maintenance work and with many other activities. The track has been relaid, locomotives have been acquired and rebuilt, additional carriages have been constructed, a safe and flexible signalling system has been installed, and the many other improvements needed to cater for the much increased number of passengers have been carried out.But the TR is still very much the railway it always was, a rural byway where the pace of life is gentle, the average speed of the train is still less than nine miles per hour, and passengers can have an unhurried journey along the beautiful and unspoilt Fathew Valley. Both the original locomotives and all the original carriages remain in regular use to this day.