The Bodmin & Wenford Railway is one of the most scenic of Britain's preserved lines, and the combination of steam and Cornish countryside proves irresistible for thousands of visitors each year. This 25th volume in the Recollections series coincides with the 25th anniversary of first trains running on the preserved line and embarks on a fascinating 'trip down the line' photographic tour of the railway, taking us from the main line at Bodmin Parkway to Bodmin General and along the branch to Boscarne Junction and onwards to Wenford, which the B&W has long-term plans to re-open. We also lookback in time with classic black & white images. There are evocative period photographs from the days of the Great Western and Southern Railways, and BR. Essential behind-the-scenes activities in engine sheds and workshops are not forgotten. The views will be of absorbing interest to many, making this book the ideal companion for all who know the line, rail enthusiasts, visitors and locals alike.